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Deploy as a prototype

If you click the Deploy Prototype link button, the API will be deployed as a sample or a model API. The purpose of a prototyped API is to give the API users an early implementation of the API so that they can use it without subscribing, comment on its effectiveness and request improvements. You then change the API's implementation according to user comments and publish it. A published API is available for subscription and monetization.

Go to the API Store (https://localhost:9443/store/) and click the Prototyped APIs menu to see your API deployed there. APIs are deployed as prototypes in order toOnce all implementation details are given, click the Manage link at the bottom of the above UI to . Then, open the API. For example:

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Note that the subscription options are not available for the API. But, users can test the API using the API Console tab, read documentation, engage in forums and other community features and share comments about the API.

Next, start managing the API.