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RegistryKeyStore is a separate keystore element configurable in the carbon.xml file. This configuration applies for the keystore which stores the keys that certify encrypting/decrypting meta data to the registry. Therefore, using the registry keystore in addition to the primary keystore in the carbon.xml file allows you to maintain a separate keystore for the purpose of encrypting/decrypting meta data to the registry. The

To configure the registry keystore


  1. Copy the following <RegistryKeystore> element to the carbon.xml file under the <Security> element.

    Code Block
                <!-- Keystore file location-->
                <!-- Keystore type (JKS/PKCS12 etc.)-->
                <!-- Keystore password-->
                <!-- Private Key alias-->
                <!-- Private Key password-->
  2. In the above example, we are referring to the default keystore in the product pack (wso2carbon.jks) as the registry keystore.  You can change these values so that the configuration corresponds to the actual registry keystore in your system.