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An API in WSO2 ESB is analogous to a web application deployed in the ESB runtime. Each API is anchored at a user-defined URL context, much like how a web application deployed in a servlet container is anchored at a fixed URL context. An API will only process requests that fall under its URL context. The API defines one or more resources, which is a logical component of an API that can be accessed by making a particular type of HTTP call. This approach allows you to send messages directly into the ESB using REST.

See Creating APIs.

Inbound endpoints

An inbound endpoint is  a message source that can be configured dynamically. In the ESB, when it comes to the existing axis2 based transports, only the HTTP transport works in a multi-tenant mode. Inbound endpoints support all transports to work in a multi-tenant mode.

See Working with Inbound Endpoints


A topic allows services to receive messages when a specific type of event occurs by subscribing to messages that have been published to a specific topic.