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WSO2 ESB ships with a range of mediators capable of carrying out various tasks on input messages, including functionality to match incompatible protocols, data formats and interaction patterns across different resources. Data can be split, cloned, aggregated, and enriched, allowing the ESB to match the different capabilities of services. XQuery and XSLT allow rich transformations on the messages. Rule-based message mediation allows users to cope with the uncertainty of business logic. Content-based routing using XPath filtering is supported in different flavors, allowing users to get the most convenient configuration experience. Built-in capability to handle Transactions allows message mediation to be done transactionally inside the ESB. With the eventing capabilities of ESB, EDA based components can be easily interconnected. With features like throttling and caching integrated in to the message mediation, powerful interconnections can be made, allowing the ESB to be used in the front-end of an organizationorganisation's SOA infrastructure.