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Set up

Enabling mutual SSL in the blocking mode

When using the Call mediator in the blocking mode  (blocking=true), enable the mediator to handle mutual SSL by adding the following JVM settings to the  <ESB_HOME>/bin/  file:

Code Block"$CARBON_HOME/repository/resources/security/wso2carbon.jks" \"wso2carbon" \"wso2carbon" \


Code Block
<call [blocking="true"] />


Select one of the following options to define the endpoint to which the message should be delivered.

Parameter NameDescription
NoneSelect this option if you do not want to provide an endpoint. The Call mediator will send the message using its wsa:to address.
Define InlineIf this is selected, the endpoint to which the message should be sent can be included within the Call mediator configuration. Click Add to add the required endpoint. For more information on Adding an endpoint, see Adding an Endpoint.
Pick From RegistryIf this is selected, the message can be sent to a pre-defined endpoint which is currently saved as a resource in the registry. Click either Configuration Registry or Governance Registry as relevant to select the required endpoint from the resource tree.

If this is selected, the endpoint to which the message should be sent will be derived via an XPath expression. You are required to enter the relevant XPath expression in the text field that appears when this option is selected.


You can click NameSpaces to add namespaces if you are providing an expression. Then the Namespace Editor panel would appear where you can provide any number of namespace prefixes and URLs used in the XPath expression. 

BlockingIf set to true, you can use the call mediator in blocking mode.




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