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The Load-balanced Group distributes the messages (load) arriving at it among a set of listed endpoints or  or static members by evaluating the load balancing policy and other relevant parameters.


Parameter NameDescription
Endpoint NameThis parameter is used to enter a unique name for the endpoint.
AlgorithmThe algorithm on which the load balancing is based. Round Robin is the default algorithm. You can also load a custom algorithm. Instructions for creating a custom algorithm are included in this article.
Session Management

A session management method from the load balancing group. The possible values are as follows.

  • None - If this is selected, session management is not used.
  • Transport - If this is selected, session management is done on the transport level using HTTP cookies.
  • SOAP - If this is selected, session management is done using SOAP sessions.
  • Client ID - If this is selected, session management is done using an ID sent by the client.
Session Timeout (Mills)The number of milliseconds after which the session would time out.
Add ChildClick this link to add a child endpoint. The required endpoint type can be selected from the list and a section displaying parameters relevant to the selected endpoint type will appear. You can add as many endpoints as required to the load-balance group. See the details of child endpoints in Address EndpointWSDL Endpoint, and Failover Group.
Add PropertyClick this link to add properties to the load-balance endpoint. See Properties Reference for details of the available properties.