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The API Manager has Apache Solr based indexing for API documentation content. It provides both the API Publisher and Store full-text search facility to search through API documentation, find documents and related APIs. The search syntax is doc:keyword. Search criteria looks for the keyword in any word/phrase in the documentation content and returns both the matching documents and associated APIs.

Configuring the index

The following media types have Apache Solr based indexers by default, configured using the <Indexers> element in <APIM_HOME>/repository/conf/registry.xml.

  • Text : text/plain
  • PDF : application/pdf
  • MS word : application/msword
  • MS Powerpoint : application/
  • MS Excel : application/
  • XML : application/xml

Writing a custom index

In addition to the default ones, you can write your own indexer implementation and register it as follows: