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In order to overcome these issues, WSO2 has Equinox P2 integrated with Carbon. It enables user-friendly provisioning capabilities by allowing users to download WSO2 Carbon or any other WSO2 product and simply extend them by installing various features. 


When using Windows OS, you may not be able to install features using the management console if the 'If you are on Windows, be sure to point the -Dcarbon.home' property in the product start up 's startup script (wso2server.bat) was not pointing to the directory where the product is installed. For example's distribution home (e.g., -Dcarbon.home=C:\Users\VM\Desktop\wso2as-5.2.1). Therefore, ensure that you set this property and Then, restart the server before attempting . If not, you might not be able to install features via through the management console.

Follow the instructions below to install new features to any product of the WSO2 products stack.