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  1. Restart the WSO2 Identity Server and log in to the management console
  2. Go to the Main menu of the management console and click Extension under PDP.
  3. You can see that PIP attribute finder has been registered successfully and is visible under the Attribute Finder Extensions list. You can re-initialize this at run time.
  4. To test this attribute finder, you can use this policy and this request. 

  5. Please upload the policy into the WSO2 Identity Server, then publish it to PDP and enable it. 

  6. You can then try out the policy with TryIt PEP.

    titleAbout debugging the sample code

    This sample code can be debugged by starting the WSO2 Identity Server in the debug mode as follows. 

    UNIX: –debug 5005

    Windows: wso2server.bat –debug 5005 

    Then you can clearly see how methods in the “KMarketJDBCAttributeFinder” are called by the PDP.