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  1. DevOps will have to define the cartridge using a  cartridge.json via the CLI, Web  Web UI or REST or REST API and send it to Stratos Manager. 
  2. Stratos Manager will send the cartridge definition to Cloud Controller (CC) to be deployed. 
  3. Cloud Controller will carry out a validation process based on the cartridge image ID (e.g., On EC2 an Amazon Machine Image [AMI]).
    • If the cartridge already exists, Cloud Controller will undeploy the cartridge. 
    • If the cartridge does not exist, Cloud Controller will proceed with the cartridge deployment process. 
  4. Cloud Controller will add the cartridge definition to its in-memory and persist it in its registry. 
  5. Cloud Controller will update the Topology with the service definition and publish the Topology event to Message Broker (MB).