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  • event-triger/@id: REQUIRED id used to identify the event-trigger, used in data services queries.
  • event-triger/language REQUIRED currently only XPath is supported  as the event trigger language.
  • target-topic REQUIRED topic, to which the event notifications will be published.
  • subscriptions REQUIRED  can be any WS-Eventing complient endpoint. For example, an SMTP transport can be used to send a message to a mail inbox, where an email address is given as the subscription. Here many subscriptions can be defined for the given topic.

Security configuration

When a data service receives messages, it expects to receive a signed and encrypted message as specified by the security policy stored in the registry of your server. Therefore, as shown below, you can embed the security configurations directly in the .dbs file of the data service by adding the path to the relevant security policy. Please see Apache Rampart and Axis2 documentation on the format of the policy file. You can also use the 'engageSec' element to ensure that Apache Rampart is engaged for the data service. 

Code Block
<policy key="sec_policy"/>

Sample data service configuration