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As the first step of this project a literature review needs to be done analyzing existing billing models of PaaS solutions and design a billing model. This should be configurable via the Web application according to custom billing requirements. Once the billing model is in place the web application needs to be implemented to generate a detailed invoice  based on the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) resource usage and PaaS service usage. Finally an aggregated invoice needs to be generated for the cloud user. PaaS administrator should be able to login to the billing system and view detailed billing information of each PaaS user. 

Steps to Follow

  • Do a literature review on billing patterns of cloud services
  • Do a literature review on existing open source billing systems
  • Find information on Google Wallet API
  • Find information on WSO2 Private PaaS usage data model
  • Prepare a project proposal with the above information and share it with the mentor
  • Use WSO2 Dev mailing list for the communication


  • A web application that can integrate Google Wallet for generating Invoices for cloud usage for WSO2 Private PaaS.

Skills Needed 

  • Java
  • Web services
  • SQL

WSO2 Private PaaS Version

  • WSO2 Private PaaS 4.1.0 = Apache Stratos 4.1.0 + WSO2 product cartridges

Possible Mentor/s

  • Imesh Gunaratne (imesh AT wso2 DOT com)
  • Lakmal Warusawithana (lakmal AT wso2 DOT com)