This documentation is for WSO2 Governance Registry 5.0.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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  1. First download WSO2 Governance Registry from the official product site. For more information, see Building from Source. 
  2. Download the WebSEAL authentication JAR files from the following URL:

  3. Copy the JAR files you downloaded in the previous step to the <GREG_HOME>/repository/components/dropins/ directory.


    Alternatively you can install WebSEAL based authenticator feature from the p2-repo, because it is not shipped with Governance Registry.

  4. Add the following entry to the <GREG_HOME>/repository/conf/security/authenticators.xml file.

    Code Block
    <Authenticator disabled="false" name="WebSealUIAuthenticator">
  5. Start the Governance Registry server. For more information, see Running the Product.

  6. Login to the management console using the default admin user name and password (admin and admin).
  7. Go to Configure and click Users and Roles from the menu. 
  8. Create a new user called “webSealUser”.
  9. Go to Configure and click Users and Roles
  10. Create a new role called “delegated-admin” and assign the “webSealUser” to this role.


    Note: This user name and password is used by WebSEAL as authentication for the Governance Registry server.

  11. Grant “login” permission to the “everyone” role.