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When multitenancy is enabled and a tenant becomes inactive for a long period of time, the tenant is unloaded from the server's memory. By default, the time period is 30 minutes. After that, Once the tenant has to log in again before sending requests to the serversends a request again it is considered active.

You can change the default time period allowed for tenant inactiveness by adding -Dtenant.idle.time=<time_in_minutes> Java property to the product's startup script ( file for Linux and wso2server.bat for Windows) as shown below:


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    -Dtenant.idle.time=30 \

In order to manage tenants, you need to be logged in as a super tenant.


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Creating a tenant

To create a new tenant, take the following steps:


To view existing tenants, on the Configure tab in the Identity Server Management Console, click View Tenants.

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