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In AbstractOutboundProvisioningConnector implementation class you have to override init(Property[] provisioningProperties) and provision(ProvisioningEntity provisioningEntity) methods. Init method will be invoked when the connector is initialized. It will receive the values for the properties you have defined above and additionally userIdClaimUri and identityProviderName properties. You have to save the required property values from the received properties. Provision method will be invoked when the user is created in the identity server and user is needed to provisioned to the identity provider. ProvisioningEntity object that is passed to the provision method will include the attribute values of the user and parameters like entity name, entity type and operation. Based on these parameters, the provisioning logic has to be handled. The received attributes include orginclude org:wso2:carbon:identity:provisioning:claim:password, org:wso2:carbon:identity:provisioning:claim:group, org:wso2:carbon:identity:provisioning:claim:username and other attributes configured for the user.