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The configured output event adapters are used in event formatters. With output event adapter message properties, event formatters are able to extract data from event streams and format the output events. Following are the output MySQL event adapter-specific message properties.

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The message properties of the output MySQL Message properties specific to output event adapters of the mysql type can be configured as follows.

  1. Log into the BAM Management Console. For detailed instructions, see Running the Product.
  2. In the Main tab, click Event Streams to open the AvailableEvent Streams page.
  3. Click the Outflows link of the event stream to which the relevant output event adapter is connected. As a result, Event Out-Flows (<Output_Event_Adapter_Name>) opens.
  4. Click on the relevant event builder name to open the Event Formatter Details page.
    output MySQL event adapter message propertiesImage AddedThe message properties of a mysql output event adapter are described below. Change the property values as required.

    Composite key columnsColumn names used in uniqueness check for updates. When an event arrives, the table is searched using the values of these columns and then the matching events are updated. This is not applicable for insert-only mode.
    Execution ModeExecution mode of the output event. The supported modes are insert-only and insert or update. In insert or update modes, event gets inserted if it doesn't already exist in the table. Otherwise, an existing event in the table is updated.
    Table NameName of the database table.
    Output Event TypeThe outgoing event type to be mapped. The output MySQL event adapter supports only map type mappings.