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  • To allow the Storage Server to create snapshots of databases in RSS instances, an authenticated connection has to be established between the Storage Server instance and the locations where the RSS instances are hosted. We will be using a keystore with a key pair for this purpose as follows:

    1. Create a key pair and add it to a keystore. See Find more information about setting up keystoreskeystores in the working with security section.

    2. Update the rss-config.xml file with the path to the private key and the pass phrase as shown below. Note that the path to the private key created in step 1 above should be specified as the <PrivateKeyPath> in this configuration. 

      Code Block

      Note that this configuration is common to all RSS instances in all the RSS environments in your system. 

    3. The public key of the keystore should be shared with the hosts of the RSS instances for the authentication to work. 

  • Details of where the RSS instance is hosted should be specified as shown below. Note that the below example shows details of the default RSS instance in SS.

    Code Block
    • <Host>:The IP or host name of the location where the database server instance is hosted.
    • <Port>: The port ID.
    • <Username>: The user name required to log in to the host.
    • <TargetDirectory>: The location of the database server instance in the hosting machine.