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  1. Log in to the Management Console (https://localhost:9443/carbon) and create a user role named roleA with the permissions given below. For information on user roles, see Configuring Users and Roles.
  2. Create a role named roleB with the same permissions as specified above.
  3. Create a user named userA and assign roleA to the user.
  4. Create a user named userB and assign roleB to the user.
  5. Create a web application. To restrict visibility of this web app to roleA, enter roleA as the value in the Restrict Visibility field when creating the app.


    In order to create a web app, log in with a user that has the following permissions:

    • All Permissions > Admin Permissions > Configure > Governance and all underlying permissions
    • All Permissions > Admin Permissions > Login
    • All Permissions > Admin Permissions > Manage > API > Create  
    • All Permissions > Admin Permissions > Manage > Resources > Govern and all underlying permissions  
  6. Publish the web application. For instructions on publishing a Web app, see Publishing Web Applications.
  7. Access the App Store as an anonymous user. You are unable to see the newly created application in the App Store.
  8. Now log in to the App Store as userA. You are now able to see the newly created application.
  9. Log in to the App Store as userB or any other user who is not assigned roleA. You are unable to see the application as visibility is restricted to roleA.