This documentation is for WSO2 API Manager 1.9.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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  • Use WSO2 products
    The latest binary packs that correspond to the WSO2 product releases can be downloaded freely via the respective product pages on the WSO2 website. We recommend that you download and use WSO2 products so that you can discover the advantages of our lean middleware stack. Your feedback on our products is much appreciated, as it will help us to drive our product roadmaps and the underlying technology. For information on product releases, go to the Release Matrix. For tutorials, articles, white papers, webinars, WSO2 documentation, and other learning resources, look in the Resources menu on the WSO2 website.
  • Join WSO2 mailing lists
    Many WSO2 mailing lists are open to the public, so anyone interested in WSO2 products can monitor the mail threads. You can subscribe to the [email protected] and [email protected] mailing lists to get involved in the discussions on WSO2 development. For more information on subscribing to these mailing lists, see WSO2 Mailing Lists.
  • Participate in user forums
    The WSO2 team monitors and participates in the discussions on Stack Overflow. If you have any technical or programming questions related to WSO2 products, post them on Stack Overflow. Be sure to tag your question with appropriate keywords such as WSO2 and the product name so that our team can easily find your questions and provide answers. If you cannot find an answer on the user forum, you can email the WSO2 development team directly using the relevant mailing lists described at WSO2 Mailing Lists. We also encourage you to contribute by answering your fellow users' questions on Stack Overflow. 
  • Report bugs
    WSO2 has a public bug-tracking system that you can use to report issues, submit enhancement requests, and track and comment on issues. You can also use this system to report issues related to WSO2 product documentation. If you find a bug, first search the dev mailing list to see if someone has faced the same issue, and also check the bug-tracking system. If you can't find any information on the issue, create an issue in the bug-tracking system with as much information as possible, including the product version you were using, how to reproduce the issue, etc.
  • Contribute to the WSO2 code base
    WSO2 invites you to contribute by providing patches for bug fixes or features. For this purpose you can check out the source of the relevant GitHub repository, build the product, and make changes. You can then contribute your changes by sending a pull a request for review. For more information, see the next section.
  • Contribute to the WSO2 training materials
    Training materials for WSO2 products are freely available under the CC by 4.0 license. You can check out the WSO2 training materials at and submit corrections and additions just as you do with code contributions. To send feedback or get more information, contact [email protected].

Contributing as a non-committer – anyone can do it!