This documentation is for WSO2 App Manager 1.0.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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  1. Log in to the management console using the following URL with admin/admin credentials: https://<AppM_HOST>:<AppM_PORT>/carbon/
  2. Click Configure, and then click Claim Management.
  3. Click, and then click Add New Claim Mapping.
  4. Add a new claim for the Frequent Flyer ID by entering the following details, and click Add as shown below.

    add a new claim for frequent flyer ID
    You view the new claim added to the available claim mappings list.

  5. Click the corresponding Edit link of the Frequent Flyer ID.

  6. Select the Supported by Default option, and click Update as shown below.


    You will not be able to select the Supported by Default option when you add the claim in step 4 due to a known issue, which will be fixed in future releases.

    Image Added
    In addition to the above new claims, this sample uses the following claims that are available by default as shown below. 
    claims available by defaultImage Modified

  7. Follow the steps below for each of the above claims to update them.

    • Click the corresponding Edit link.
    • Select the Supported by Default  checkbox, and click Update to add them as attributes of the user profile.