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Global policyDescription
Allow Anonymous AccessSelect if you are allowing anonymous users to access apps in the App store through the Gateway Endpoint URL without logging in.
Skip Creating Proxying Web AppSelect if you are configuring an external app (e.g. Salesforce), which does not get routed through the App Manger gateway. For more information on skip creating proxying Web app, see Outbound Provisioning for External Apps.
Publish StatisticsSelect if you are enabling the app to publish usage statistics to WSO2 BAM for viewing and analyzing the statistics. For more information on viewing published runtime statistics, see Publishing App Manager Runtime Statistics.
Restrict VisibilitySelect if you are restricting the visibility of the app in the App store to a specific role(s). For more information on restricting visibility, see Controlling Visibility of Web Apps.
Enable Single LogoutSelect if you are enabling the single logout option on the app that you are creating, so that users will be automatically logged out from the app and will be redirected to the given Logout URL.