This documentation is for Machine Learner 1.0.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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  1. Start the WSO2 ML server. For instructions on starting, see Running the Product.
  2. Access the ML UI from your Web browser using the following URL: https://<ML_HOST>:<ML_PORT>/ml


    You can find the URL of the WSO2 ML UI in the server startup logs in the CLI as follows: INFO{} -  WSO2 Machine Learner UI :

  3. Log in to the ML UI as a user who is registered in WSO2 ML. For registering users, see User Management.
  4. Click PROJECTS in the top menu as shown below. 

    Click COMPARE MODELS on the project which includes the analysis of which you need to compare the models.

      It redirects you to a page where all the models of that project are listed under each algorithm category. Models are sorted according to thir their accuracy (for classification models), or Mean Squared Error (for numerical prediction models).


    This release of WSO2 ML does not support model comparison for clustering models. 

    e.g., Model summary for numerical prediction models:

    e.g., Model summary for classification models:



    Click the corresponding VIEW button of a model in the list to view the model summary of it.