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  1. Navigate to <ML_HOME>/samples/default/linear-regression/ directory using the CLI.


    <ML_HOME> refers to the downloaded product-ml directory with the source code of the product.

  2. Execute the following command to execute the sample: ./



By  default , the sample generates the model in the <ML_HOME>/models/    directory directory of your machine. For example, the generated file is in the following format denoting the date and time when it was generated: wso2-ml-linear-regression-sample-analysis.Model.2015-09-03_12-34-07


Viewing the model prediction

The sample executes the generated model on the  <ML_HOME>/samples/default/decisionlinear-treeregression/prediction-test  data set, and it prints the value ["1" ]  as 0.6708022589745234] as the prediction result In the CLI logs.