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After offsetting a port, be sure to edit any hard-coded endpoints used in a product, if there are any, according to the offset. There are few default APIs deployed in the App Manager with hard-coded endpoints. For example, the Login API's Token endpoint URL is hardcoded as follows: <address uri="https://localhost:9443/oauth2endpoints/token">. If you offset the Key Manger node's port by 2, change the token endpoint URL to <address uri=" https://localhost:9445/oauth2endpoints/token"/>.

Find all default APIs of the App Manager in the <AppM_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/synapse-configs/default/api/ directory. Few examples are Authorize API, Login API, Token API and Revoke API.


In the <AppM_HOME>/repository/conf/identity/sso-idp-config.xml file, change the default port value (i.e. 9443) in the URL, which is defined as the value of the <AssertionConsumerService> property in each of the <Issuer> types. For example, if you set a port offset of 2, change the values of the <AssertionConsumerService> properties of the store, social, and publisher service provider issuers as follows.