This documentation is for WSO2 App Manager 1.0.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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WSO2 App Manager facilitates creating different versions of a Web app. The App Store displays all the published versions of the Web app. Follow the steps below to create a new version of a Web application.

  1.  Log in to the App Publisher as a user with the creator role, if you are not already logged in using the following URL: http:/<AppM_HOST>:<AppM_PORT>/publisher
  2. Click Web Applications, and then click All Web Applications.
  3. Click on the Web app of which you want to create another version, and then click Create New Version as shown below.
    create new versionImage Added
  4. Specify a new version number for New Version in version.major.minor format (for example, 2.0.0), and a New Display Name as shown below. 
    enter details of the new versionImage Added
  5. Click Create New Version. The new version appears in the Web Applications list along with the original version as shown below.
    new version in the Web apps listImage Added

  6. Click Submit for Review, then click Approve, and then click Publish, to publish the new version of the app.
  7.  Log in to the App Store as a user with the subscriber role, if you are not already logged in using the following URL: http:/<AppM_HOST>:<AppM_PORT>/store
    You view all published versions of the Web app as shown below. 
    new version being displayed in the App StoreImage Added
  8. Click on the version to which you want to subscribe to, and click Subscribe Me.
  9. Click the Gateway Endpoint URL of the app, to access the new version of it as shown below.
    gateway endpoint URL of the new versionImage Added