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To use the Planyo connector, add the  <planyo.init>  element in your configuration before carrying out any other Planyo operations. 

Before you start performing various operations with the connector, make sure to import the Planyo certificate to your ESB client keystore.

Follow the below mentioned steps to add valid certificate to access Planyo API over https into the ESB client keystore:

  1. Extract the certificate from browse by navigating to ' ' and click the lock icon on the address bar to view the certificate.
  2. Place the downloaded certificate into "Planyo_CONNECTOR_HOME/src/test/resources/keystores/products" folder.
  3. Navigate to "Planyo_CONNECTOR_HOME/src/test/resources/keystores/products/" using command prompt and execute the following command.
  4. This command will import Planyo certificate in to keystore. Give "wso2carbon" as password.To import the certificate give "wso2carbon" as password. Press "Y" to complete certificate import process.

    Code Block
    keytool -importcert -file CERT_FILE_NAME -keystore wso2carbon.jks -alias -alias "CERT_NAME"

Planyo uses an API key for authentication.  For more information on authentication,  see .