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Shared:Managing Tenants
Shared:Managing Tenants

When you create multiple tenants in an API Manager deployment, the API Stores of each tenant are displayed in a muti-tenanted view for all users to browse and permitted users to subscribe to as shown below:

  1. Click the Visit Store link associated with a given store to open it.
  2. Anonymous users can browse all stores and all public APIs that are published to them. However, in order to subscribe to an API, the user must log in.

    For example, if you are a user in the tenant domain,

    • You can access the public store ( https://localhost:9443/store), go to the store, log in to it and subscribe to its APIs.
    • You can also browse the other tenant stores listed in the public store. But, within other tenant stores, you can only subscribe to the APIs to which your tenant domain is permitted to subscribe to. At the time an API is created, the API creator can specify which tenants are allowed to subscribe to the API . For information, see API Subscriptions.