This documentation is for WSO2 Private PaaS 4.1.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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Private PaaS Concepts

Explains the key concepts and terminology in

About WSO2 PPaaS

The topics in this sections introduce you to WSO2 PPaaS, including its features, and architecture.

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Quick Start Guide

Explains how to deploy and work with PPaaS using an EC2 preconfigured demo Amazon Machine Image (AMI).

Deployment Guide

Provides instructions for PPaaS installation and deployment on Kubernetes, EC2, OpenStack, GCE and the PPaaS Mock test framework.

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Private PaaS Concepts

Explains the key concepts and terminology in PPaaS.

Platform Solutions 

Explains how to design, implement and run WSO2 products as a service on top of PPaaS.

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Deploy Application Artifacts

Provides instructions for deploying custom application artifacts as a service.

Administer PPaaS

Describes all aspects of administering PPaaS, including artifact management, application deployment, user management etc.


Troubleshoot PPaaS

Provides detailed guidance, helpful hints, and solutions to troubleshoot PPaaS related issues.


Extending PPaaS

Provides detailed guidance on how to use the extension points to customize and extend PPaaS.