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This topic explains the purpose of using custom datasources and how you can define custom datasource implementations using the management console. Alternatively, you can simply create datasources using the default RDBMS configuration provided in WSO2 products.


Note that when you define a data service, you have the option of using the common datasource types, such as EXCEL, CSV etc. in addition to custom datasources. See the topic on creating datasources for a data service.

Table of Contents


  1. Go to the Configure tab on the management console and click Data Sources to open the Data Sources screen.
  2. Then click Add Data Source. The following screen will open:
  3. Enter "Custom" as the datasource type.
  4. In the Custom Data Source Type field, enter "DS_CUSTOM_TABULAR" (to store data in tables) or "DS_CUSTOM_QUERY" (to store non-tabular data accessed through a query).
  5. In the Name and Description fields, enter a unique name for the datasource.
  6. In the Configuration section, specify the xml configuration of the datasource. See the examples given below.
    • XML configuration for a custom tabular datasource (DS_CUSTOM_TABULAR type):

      Code Block
            <property name="inmemory_datasource_schema">{Vehicles:[ID,Model,Classification,Year]}</property>
            <property name="inmemory_datasource_records">
                 {Vehicles:[["S10_1678","Harley Davidson Ultimate Chopper","Motorcycles","1969"],
                            ["S10_1949","Alpine Renault 1300","Classic Cars","1952"],
                            ["S10_2016","Moto Guzzi 1100i","Motorcycles","1996"],
                            ["S10_4698","Harley-Davidson Eagle Drag Bike","Motorcycles","2003"],
                            ["S10_4757","Alfa Romeo GTA","Classic Cars","1972"],
                            ["S10_4962","LanciaA Delta 16V","Classic Cars","1962"],
                            ["S12_1099","Ford Mustang","Classic Cars","1968"],
                            ["S12_1108","Ferrari Enzo","Classic Cars","2001"]]}
    • XML configuration for a custom query datasource (DS_CUSTOM_QUERY):

      Code Block
                  <property name="p1">val1</property>
                  <property name="p2">val2</property>