This documentation is for WSO2 API Manager 1.9.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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  1. Open <APIM_1.9.0_HOME>/repository/conf/datasources/master-datasources.xml file and provide the datasource configurations for the following databases. You can copy the configurations from the same file in the API Manager 1.8.0 instance.

    • User Store
    • Registry database
    • API Manager Databases
  2. Edit the registry configurations in the <APIM_HOME>/repository/config/registry.xml and the user database in the <APIM_HOME>/repository/conf/user-mgt.xml file.

  3. Move all your synapse configurations by copying and replacing <APIM_1.8.0_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/synapse-config/default directory to <APIM_1.9.0_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/synapse-config/default directory.  Do not replace the  _TokenAPI_.xml _RevokeAPI_.xml  and  _AuthorizeAPI_.xml  files in the /default/api  sub directory unless you use custom token endpoint.  



    If you changed the default URLs in AuthorizeAPI.xml and TokenAPI.xml files, do not replace them when copying. They are application-specific APIs.