This documentation is for WSO2 API Manager 1.9.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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The API Manager provides facility for to users of a specific logical group such as an organization to view each others' applications and subscriptions.  

By default, the API Manager considers the organization name that you give at the time you sign up to the API Store as the group ID. It extracts the claim of a user and uses the value specified in it as the group ID. This way, all users who give specify the same organization name belong to the same group and therefore, can view each others' subscriptions and applications. The API Manager also provides flexibility to change this default authentication implementation.


  1. Uncomment the <GroupingExtractor> element in the < APIM_HOME>/repository/conf/api-manager.xml file.
    Code Block

    Tip: This default extractor doesn't work with SAML SSO. You need to write a custom implementation using the class as an example.

  2. Start the API Manager and sign up to the API Store as two different users (user1 and user2) with the same organization name. For example,
  3. Log in as user1, create a new application (e.g., TestApp1) and subscribe to an API using the new application.
  4. Log out of the API Store and log back in as user2.
  5. Go to the My Subscriptions page, select the application that the previous user created (e.g., TestApp1) from the drop-down list and note that the previous user's subscription is listed under Subscribed APIs.