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theme consists of UI elements such as logos, images, landing page text, background colors etc. WSO2 API Store comes with a default theme called FancyThe easiest way to change the user interface of the API Store is by customising customizing the default theme. 


In this tutorial, you change the default API Store theme by applying your customizations.


All themes have a folder structure similar to the following: 

Image RemovedImage Added

Because Since the default theme already has most of the UIs and JSON logic defined, in a typical scenario, you do would not implement a the theme from scratch. You can customise customize the default theme by bundling up together the changes (e.g., CSS code, images) as a .zip file, and uploading it through the Admin Dashboard Web application. Once uploaded, the files in the .zip override the corresponding files in the default theme. The rest is inherited from the default theme. 

  • To override the default theme, you
  • should only upload UI changes as CSS code, fonts in SVG, TTF, EOT, WOFF, WOFF2
  • or OTF formats, and images in JPG, PNG,
  • or GIF formats
  • Jaggery files or Javascript files
  • are not
  • allowed in the custom theme due to security reasons.
Any of these files
  • If you include any Jaggery files or Javascript files, such files will be discarded and your theme
  • will not work properly.

Let's get started. See the video tutorial here or a step-by-step walk-through of the video tutorial below.