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  • The respective WSO2 Git repository should be forked
    When contributing to WSO2 code base by way of a patch, make sure you identify the correct Git repository that needs to be forked. For more information on WSO2 Git repositories, see WSO2 GitHub Repositories. If you still If you are not sure which repository needs to be cloned, send an email to [email protected] so that a WSO2 team member can advise you.
  • Do not build any dependencies
    You do not need to build any dependencies, as everything you need will be automatically fetched from the Maven repository (Nexus) when you are building the product on your machine. Make sure the build server has an active Internet connection to download dependencies while building.
  • Always sync with the forked repository before issuing a pull request
    There is a high possibility that the forked repository may differ from the upstream repository (remote repository that was forked) that you initially forked. Therefore, always sync the repository to prevent pull requests from being rejected.