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The following are the REST APIs that are implemented in WSO2 Machine Learner.

EntityOperationREST API
DatasetUpload a datasetPOST /api/datasets
Retrieve all datasetsGET /api/datasets
Retrieve all datasets and their versions for a given userGET /api/datasets/versions
Retrieve all version sets of a datasetGET /api/datasets/{dataset_id}/versions
Retrieve a version setGET /api/datasets/versions/{versionset_id}
Delete a dataset

DELETE /api/datasets/{dataset_id}

Retrieve scatter plot points of a dataset versionPOST /api/datasets/{versionset_id}/scatter
Retrieve Cluster points of a dataset for a feature listGET /api/datasets/{dataset_id}/cluster/?features={feature_list}&noOfClusters={number_of_clusters}
Retrieve summarized statistics of a feature in a datasetGET  /api/datasets/{dataset_id}/stats/?feature={feature_name}
ProjectCreate a project (with a dataset name)POST /api/projects
Retrieve a projectGET /api/projects/{name}
Delete a projectDELETE /api/projects/{name}
Retrieve all projectsGET /api/projects
Retrieve all models in a projectGET /api/projects/{project_id}/models
Retrieve all analyses in a projectGET /api/projects/{project_id}/analyses
Analysis (Workflow)Create a new analysisPOST /api/analyses
GET /api/analyses/{name}
Delete an analysisDELETE /api/analyses/{id}
Retrieve all analysesGET /api/analyses
Set analysis configurations (e.g. algorithm type)POST /api/analyses/{id}/configurations
Set customized features for an analysisPOST /api/analyses/{id}/features
Load default features as customized featuresPOST /api/analyses/{id}/features/defaults
Set hyper parameters for the selected algorithm of an analysisPOST /api/analyses/{id}/hyperParams
Load default hyper parameters for the selected algorithm of an analysisPOST /api/analyses/{id}/hyperParams/defaults
ModelCreate a modelPOST /api/models
Retrieve a modelGET /api/models/{name}
Retrieve all modelsGET /api/models
Add model storage informationPOST /api/models/{id}/storages
Build a modelPOST /api/models/{id}
Predict with a model POST /api/models/{id}/predict
Publish a modelPOST /api/models/{id}/publish
Delete a modelDELETE /api/models/{id}
Export a modelGET /api/models/{name}/export