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The following steps describe how to upgrade WSO2 Application Server from version 5.2.1 to 5.3.0. To upgrade from a version older than 5.2.1, start from the documentation that was released immediately after your current release and upgrade incrementally. For more information on release versions, see the Release Matrix


There are no registry and user database schema changes between AS 5.2.1 and 5.3.0. Therefore, you do not need to do any database schema migration. However, you should create a backup of the existing database, and create a duplicate database to use with a newer product version. This is described below. 


You should NOT connect a new version of WSO2 AS to an older database that has not been upgraded.

Migrating the configurations

Before you start updating the configuration files in The following topics explain the configuration changes that needs to be updated for AS 5.3.0, create a new database and restore the backup of the old database in this new database.:

Table of Contents

Updating the configuration files


  1. Create a new database for AS 5.3.0 and restore the backup of the old database in this new database.
  2. To connect AS 5.3.0 to the upgraded database, configure the following files:
    1. Configure the <AS_HOME_5.23.1>0>/repository/conf/datasources/master­datasources.xml file as shown in the following example:

      Code Block
      user manager</description>
      <description>The datasource used for registry and
      <definition type="RDBMS">
    2. Go to the <AS _HOME_5.23.1>0>/repository/conf/ directory and update the datasource references in the user-­mgt.xml and registry.xml files to match the updated configurations in the master­datasources.xml file. The following are sample configurations if the datasource is “jdbc/WSO2CarbonDB”:


      Code Block
      <dbConfig name="wso2registry">


      Code Block
  3. The SaaS application configuration in webapps has been changed. So, if you are using SaaS features, you need to update your web applications. Previously, users have configured the SaaS configuration via web.xml configurations for SaaS web applications has changed in AS 5.3.0. In previous releases, SaaS configurations were enabled in the web.xml file of web application by adding a context-param called carbon.enable.saas.  In the new versionAS 5.3.0, SaaS is configured via the context.xml configuration file  file that needs to be placed under the META-INF/ folder of the webappweb application. See the following documentation for more details - details about configuring SaaS applications in AS 5.3.0.
  4. KeyStore configuration in AS 5.2.1 has been converged into the carbon.xml. But users wanted to configure different keystore for SSL communication, and so on. Hence, in AS 5.3.0, users should separately configure the transport keystores through catalina-server.xml. The “RegistryKeyStore” configuration in carbon.xml has been removed. This is not really there in the AS 5.2.1, but was added later in a patch. This has been reverted in AS 5.3.0.
  5. Check for any other configurations that were done for AS 5.1.0 (based on your solutions), and update the configuration files in AS 5.2.1 accordingly. For example, external user stores, caching, mounting, etc.