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  1. Open the webapp-classloading.xml file stored in the META-INF folder of your web application. This folder should be created inside the src/main/webapp folder of your web app. For example, check the webapp-classloading.xml file of a sample web application (javaee-examples) stored in the <AS_HOME>/samples/JavaEE-TomEE/javaee-examples/src/main/webapp/META-INF folder.
  2. Enter the following class loading details to enable the Java EE runtime:

    Code Block
    <Classloading xmlns="">
  3. You can add other runtimes in addition to Java EE, by entering a comma separated list for the <Environments> element.

  4. The support for Javaee is provided along with Apache TomEE. If you use the Javaee runtime, then TomEE should also be configured in AS as explained below.