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  • User specific approvals: You can configure a specific user to approve the user account. For example, you may want only the user named "Bob" to approve accounts.
  • Multi-step approvals: You can configure multiple steps for approval, where the approval is first done by one user and then by another user. For example, you need "Bob" to approve the accounts first and then "Alice" to approve the account creation. So Alice gets the approval requests sent to her once Bob has approved an account.
  • Multiple role approvals: Here you need multiple levels of authority to approve the creation of a user account. To expand, suppose you require approval from both a manager and a senior manager, this can be set up using workflows. For example, all users with the "HR Manager" role can initially act on account approval requests before these approval requests are sent to all users with the "Senior HR Manager" role as a second step.


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