This documentation is for WSO2 Governance Registry 5.1.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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  • Directly manage a resource that resides in a version control system from the registry. The user can browse Resources/Collections and perform operations such as adding, updating or deleting resources from the registry so it will affect the version control system as well. 
  • A user can add WSDLs and other schema-like artifacts to the registry and store all their dependency structures in the mounted version control system. This would allow the user to use those dependencies with some other third-party product as well, such as build systems.
  • If a user works with different types of multiple corporate repositories such as SVN, GIT, Perforce, and VSS, and if the user wants to create a single view that allows you to browse and manage the resources, it is possible to use the registry for this aspect by enabling SCM support.

It is As the resources are maintained in the file system, it is not possible to add properties to any of the checked out resources, since the resources are maintained in the file system, and therefore operations such as MountingSymbolic LinksLife Cycles, and Retention will ; therefore, operations such as Mounting, Symbolic Links, and Governance will not work on resources within an SCM mount.


In order to create an SCM mounting in Governance Registry, stop the Governance Registry server, uncomment the following configuration in the $GREG_HOME/repository/conf/registry.xml and properly configure it by providing correct values for the parameters, and then restart the server.


If you want to view the content from another mounted node, you must configure SCM support in that node, too.

Code Block
titleUncomment and configure this section in registry.xml
  <connection checkOutURL="scm:svn:" workingDir="/valid/filesystem/path" mountPoint="/_system/foo" checkInURL="" readOnly="" updateFrequency="">


After the server is started, the resources from the version repository control system will be in the specified location of the registry in the same hierarchical order. 



Description of SCM mount configuration details.