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Deployment synchronization


Users in the Stratos Private PaaS environment typically upload their artifacts to a remote Git repository, which is specified at the time of application deployment. The deployed artifact must be synchronized from the Git repository across the relevant cartridge instance nodes, to deploy the relevant artifact in the relevant cartridge instance node. Deployment Synchronization refers to the latter mentioned synchronization process. Initially, the deployment synchronization process will take place automatically at the time of application deployment. However, after application deployment there may be situations where the artifacts in the Git repository and the cartridge differ due to one of the following reasons:

  • Artifacts being updated due to a one-off reason in the Git repository.
  • Artifacts being continuously updated in the Git repository.
  • Artifacts in a instance being updated and Auto Commit being enabled. 

In such instances it is important that all the changes made in the Git repository are propagated into the respective cartridge. Therefore, it is recommended to setup the automatic deployment synchronization process for this purpose.