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A cartridge is a virtual machine (VM) on an IaaS that IaaSs, such as EC2, OpenStack and GCE, and a container on Kubernetes, which has software components to interact with Private PaaSWSO2 Private PaaS provides cartridges for WSO2 products (e.g., API Manager, Enterprise Service Bus, Identity Server etc.) . Furthermore, WSO2 Private PaaS supports any pluggable cartridge, which comes under the following categories: data, load balancer, framework or application. Cartridges will vary based on the operating system (OS) and IaaS. Therefore, you need to create a custom cartridge for each OS and IaaS. All cartridges in WSO2 Private PaaS provide a very secure, OS level isolated environment for cloud applications. Cartridges can operate in two modes: single tenant and multi-tenant. The cartridge type differs based on the method that you used to to create it: generic cartridge and fully configured cartridge. If required, you can use an orchestration layer, i.e., Puppet, Chef etc., to automate the cartridge creation process.