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A partition depicts the division in an IaaS and defines an area of an IaaS cloud used by a service subscription. A partition can be made at one of the following levels: Provider level, Region level, Zone level or Rack level. A partition should at least have a provider defined. If required, partition groups can be defined in the partition definition. DevOps, for the purpose of high availability, can define multiple partitions in order to instruct Apache Stratos WSO2 Private PaaS to spawn instances in multiple areas (e.g., region, zone or rack). For example, if you spawn instances in multiple availability zones in EC2, your system will be still functional even if one availability zone is down. 


Auto-scaler makes decisions based on the defined partitions that are defined in the network partitions. Network partitions are defined in Apache Stratos WSO2 Private PaaS to manage the instance count. The network partitions are defined in the network partition JSON file. The deployment policy definition can be defined at the group level or at the cartridge level, and will define the maximum number of instances (max) that will be allowed in a group or cartridge.