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  1. Log in to the API Publisher (https://<hostname>:9443/publisher) as apicreator.
  2. Select the option to design a new API and click Start Creating.

  3. Give the information in the table below and click Implement to move on to the next page.

    FieldSample value
    API Definition
    • URL pattern: CheckPhoneNumber  


      Note that this URL Pattern is the name of one of the resources that we are going to invoke from the backend service.

    • Request types: GET, POST

  4. Select the Managed API option.

  5. Give the following information in the Implement tab that opens and click Manage once you are done.

    FieldSample value
    Endpoint typeHTTP
    Production endpoint

    In this guide, we work with a service exposed by the Cdyne services provider. We use their phone validation service, which has SOAP and REST interfaces. Endpoint is 

    This sample service has two operations: CheckPhoneNumber and CheckPhoneNumbers. Let's use CheckPhoneNumber here.

  6. Click Manage to go to the Manage tab and provide the following information. Leave default values for the rest of the parameters in the UI.

    Tier Availability<Select all available tiers>The API can be available at different levels of service. They allow you to limit the number of successful hits to an API during a given period.

  7. Once you are done, click Save