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Because a sub theme is saved inside a main theme, it needs to contain only the files that are different from the main theme. Any file you add inside the sub theme will override the corresponding files in the main theme. The rest of the files will be inherited from the main theme. 


Tip: How to customise customize a theme

Themes are located in the <APIM_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/jaggeryapps/store/site/themes folder. Inside the themes folder, you get separate folders for each theme, typically by the name of the theme (e.g., fancy). Inside these individual theme folders, you get CSS folders that contain the CSS files of those themes. To customize an existing theme, you change these CSS files.


  1. Open the <APIM_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/jaggeryapps/store/site/themes/fancy/templates/user/login/template.jag file and find the HTML table that defines the theme thumbnails.

Add a new row under the <table> element with the following code. It adds thumb-ancient.png as the thumbnail image of our theme. Be sure save the image in the ...fancy/images folder.