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WSO2 Private PaaS (PPAAS) version 4.1.0 is the successor of version 4.0.0. It contains the following new features, enhancements and changes:

Table of Contents


  • Docker support using Google Kubernetes and CoreOS
  • Composite application support. The following are the main terminologies that has been introduced with composite application support:
    • Applications
    • Cartridge groups
    • Application deployment policies
    • Dependent scaling
    • Group scaling 
    • Startup order
    • Termination behavior
    • Metadata service
  • Auto-scaling Docker Containers.
  • Manual scaling Docker Containers.
  • Git based artifact deployment for Docker. 
  • CLI support for Docker deployments.
  • Python Cartridge Agent
  • Private Docker registry.
  • Support for updating artifacts at runtime.
  • MQTT support (removal of JNDI). 
  • Java2WSDL plugin
  • Stratos Mock IaaS.


Known Issues

For a list of known issues, refer to  WSO2 PPAAS 4.1.0 - Known Issues.


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PPAAS 4.1.0 is compatible with WSO2 Carbon 4.42.1 products. For more information on the products in each Carbon platform release, see the Release Matrix.