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  • Define your own life cycle states in the API life cycle 
  • Change the state transition events as per the environmental preferences
  • Add custom checklist items for specific state transitions
  • Change the execution code for each state transition


    For all state transitions, the same execution class is used (org.wso2.carbon.apimgt.impl.executors.APIExecutor).  However, you can plug your own execution code when modifying the life cycle configuration. For example, if you want to add notifications for a specific state transition, you can plug your own custom execution class for that particular state in the API life cycle. Any changes are updated in the Lifecycle tab accordingly.


Code Block
   			<state id="Deprecated">
                     <data name="transitionExecution">
                            <execution forEvent="Retire"
                <transition event="Retire" target="Retired"/>
            	<transition event="Notify Users" target="Retired"/>


You need to add "notify users" : "Notify Users" as an entry in the <AM_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/jaggeryapps/publisher/site/conf/locales/jaggery/locale_default.json file. Note that the key value in this entry should be in lower case (e.g. notify users).