This documentation is for WSO2 Governance Registry 5.2.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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If you want to migrate your Governance Registry configurations from one instance to another (such as when promoting your instance from test to production) using the same Governance Registry release, see Migrating the Governance Registry.

Upgrading from an older version


  1. To connect the new product version, to the database of the previous version, configure the following files:  

    1. Configure <G-REG_HOME>/repository/conf/datasources/master-datasources.xml. For more information on how to do this for your database, see Working with Databases
    2. Navigate to the <G-REG _HOME>/repository/conf directory, and update the datasource references in user-mgt.xmlregistry.xml and api-manager.xml files, to match the updated configurations in the master-datasources.xml file, which you made in the above step. 


      The following are sample configurations if the datasource is jdbc/WSO2CarbonDB. If you have either changed the default H2 CarbonDB, or created separate databases for user management, identity etc. in G-Reg 5.1.0, then point to the same databases in the respective configuration files of G-Reg 5.2.0 accordingly.

      Code Block
      <dbConfig name="wso2registry">
      Code Block
        <Property name="dataSource">jdbc/WSO2CarbonDB</Property>
      Code Block
  2. If there are several 1000s of artifacts in the system, increase the value of the <indexingFrequencyInSeconds> property (e.g. to 10), or reduce the value of the <batchSize> property (e.g. to 10) in the < G-REG_HOME>/repository/conf/registry.xml file as shown below.

    Code Block
    <!--number of resources submit for given indexing thread -->
    <!--number of worker threads for indexing -->
    <!-- location storing the time the indexing took place-->