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Welcome to the WSO2 Developer Studio Kernel documentation! Developer  Developer Studio is Kernel provides a one-stop solution for almost all the development tools you will ever need for creating middleware applications complete Eclipse-based SOA development environment along with a set of common plug-ins, which can be used to develop Eclipse plug-ins for WSO2 products based on the award-winning WSO2 winning WSO2 Carbon platform. It provides a complete Eclipse-based SOA development environment and immensely simplifies creation of artifacts with graphical editors and management of the links and dependencies between these services. You All the product specific plug-ins use the Developer Studio Kernel as the base for their respective tooling implementation. You can easily test, debug, and deploy your artifacts as Composite Application aRchives (CAR) onto your WSO2 Carbon-based servers or onto a WSO2 Stratos-based cloud.

This documentation provides information on setting up and using Developer Studio Kernel. It is structured by topics most frequently searched for by users. For a comprehensive, end-to-end coverage of the entire product, its important subject areas, and the advanced configurations, we recommend that you follow the defined order of topics.


About Developer Studio Kernel

The topics in this section introduce you to Developer Studio Kernel and its features and how to get more help with the product.


Getting Started

Provides instructions for downloading and installing Developer Studio Kernel and accessing its features, and includes a quick-start tutorial that introduces you to working with Developer Studio.


Image Removed Image AddedDeveloper Guide

This section contains useful developer information such as how to create WSO2 specific plug-ins, register artifacts for your Composite Application, develop workbench elements and development best practices.