This documentation is for WSO2 Data Analytics Server 3.0.1. View documentation for the latest release.

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Analytics REST API

In addition to the Event Receivers, WSO2 DAS facilitates REST API based data publishing. You can use the REST API with Web applications and Web services. For more information on REST API, see Analytics REST API Guide.

Data Store
Data Store
Data Store

WSO2 DAS supports Data Stores (Cassandra, HBase, and RDBMS etc.for data persistence. There are three main types of Data Stores, namely Event Store, Processed Event Store, and File store. Event Store is used to store events that are published directly to the DAS. Processed Event Store is used to store resulting data processed using Apache Spark analytics. File store is used for storing Apache Lucene indexes. For more information on Data Stores, see DAS Data Access Layer.

Analytics Spark

Main analytics engine of WSO2 DAS is based on Apache Spark. This is used to perform batch analytics operations on the data stored in Event Stores using analytics scripts written in Spark SQL. For more information on Spark analytics, see Data Analysis.

Data Indexing

Data Indexing is a periodically running process which updates the Lucene indexes for the indexed fields in the Event Store configurations of an event stream.


Output data either from Spark scripts or the Siddhi CEP engine are published from the DAS using event publishers. Event Processors Publishers support various transport protocols. For  For more information on Event Publishers, see Publishing Eventssee Creating Alerts.

Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard is used for data visualization in WSO2 DAS. It consists of several dashboards each with a set of gadgets. You can use either data from Data Store or from a realtime event stream as the source of data for each gadget.


Event sinks are the components outside the DAS. Event Publishers send various event notifications to Event Sinks. For more information on Event Publishers, see Creating Alerts.

WSO2 DAS event flow

The event flow of WSO2 DAS is as follows.