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WSO2 CEP/DAS has the capability of receiving events from event receivers via various transport protocols. Following are the event receivers that come with WSO2 CEP/DAS by default. You can write extensions to support other transport.

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In addition to the above, the SQS extension allows you to receive events via SQS.

For instructions to download and install an extension, see Downloading and Installing Extensions from the Store.

Event receiver configuration


The above sections of an event receiver configuration are described below.

FromAn input event adapter (transport) configuration via which the event receiver receives events.
Adapter propertiesSpecific properties of the selected input event adapter. For information on configuring adapter properties of various transport types, see Event Receiver Types.
ToThe event stream from which the event receiver will fetch the events for processing.
Mapping configurationThe format of the message that is received. You can configure custom mappings on the selected format via advanced settings. For information on configuring custom mappings, see Input Mapping Types.

Creating event receivers

You can create event receivers either using the management console or using a configuration file as explained below.


  1. Create an XML file with the following event receiver configurations. An event receiver implementation must start with  <eventReceiver>  as the root element.


    In the following configuration, specify the respective adapter properties based on the transport type of the receiver within the <from> element. For the respective adapter properties of the event receiver configuration based on the transport type, see Event Receiver Types .

    Code Block
    <eventReceiver name="EVENT-RECEIVER-NAME" statistics="disable" trace="disable" xmlns="">
        <from eventAdapterType="EVENT-ADAPTER-TYPE">
        <mapping customMapping="disable" type="xml"/>
        <to streamName="Test Stream" version="1.0.0"/>

    The properties of the above configuration are described below.

    Adapter propertyDescription
    Name of the event receiver
    Whether monitoring event statistics is enabled for the receiver
    Whether tracing events is enabled for the receiver
    XML namespace for event receivers
    Type of the event adapter.
    Whether a custom mapping is enabled on the receiver.
    Type of the enabled custom mapping.
    Name of the event stream to which the receiver is mapped.
  2.   Add the XML file to the <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/eventreceivers/ directory. Since hot deployment is supported in the product, you can simply add/remove event receiver configuration files to deploy/undeploy event receivers to/from the server.