This documentation is for WSO2 Identity Server 5.1.0 . View documentation for the latest release.

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  1. Login to the WSO2 IS with the admin user credentials. 
  2. Create a user with the name BOBBY. After you successfully create the user, it will be greyed out as shown below until a manager approves the addition of the user account. 


    All pending status workflows are denoted in this manner with disabled or greyed out functions.

    1. Login as a manager to the IS User Portalas a manager at this link: https://localhost:9443/dashboard/index.jag

    2. Click View details under Pending Approvals.
    3. In the resulting screen, select the Workflow Profile engine you want to access from the drop down menu. You can also filter the tasks from it’s current status by selecting the required category from the Task Status drop down menu. A table of tasks will appear based on the parameters you specified. The  “DEFAULT” task status category captures the aggregate task statuses of “READY” and “RESERVED”.

  3. Click on the relevant Task Id to access the details of the selected task and click on the button corresponding to a state to move the state of the selected task to a new state  and to complete the workflow approval process (e.g. clicking Start and then Approve will approve the pending task and complete the workflow process)